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Apply Online in Three Easy Steps

Step 1. Please review our rental criteria for application approvals.

Occupancy Policy

• Maximum allowable occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms, layout, and size, following federal and local occupancy codes.

General Requirements

• Each person eighteen (18) years or age or older MUST complete the application process and meet the rental requirements

• State or federally issued photo identification and social security validation will be required.

• A complete and accurate rental application is required. (Incomplete rental applications will be returned to applicant).

• Inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial.

Credit Requirements

• Credit history in good standing is generally required. Applications are processed through OneSite screening, which evaluates applications based on an empirically derived credit reporting system compiled of income to rent ratings, credit ratings and check writing history.

• Chapter 13 bankruptcy at time of Application is grounds for denial.

• Prior evictions or balances owed other rental communities are grounds for denial.

Income Requirements

• Gross monthly household income must be 2.5 times the stated monthly rent.

• Gross monthly household income must be 3 times the stated monthly rent for a Guarantor.

• A minimum of three current paycheck stubs will be required (Must be within 30 days of date of application).

• Must have at least 6 months on current job. Less than 6 months may require a Guarantor.

• Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous year’s tax returns.

Rental History Requirements

•12 months of positive contractual rental history from a third party reference will be required within two years from the date of application.

• If the applicant has less than 12 months of favorable rental history from a third party, a Guarantor or additional deposit will be required.

• Home ownership will be verified. Mortgage payments must reflect positive history of 12 months. Foreclosures will be considered.

• Poor Rental History or any outstanding debt to any apartment community is grounds for denial.

Criminal Background Search

• Applicants may be denied occupancy for criminal conviction history of violent crimes or other serious crimes committed by any applicant or by any other occupants who live in or plan to live in the dwelling.


• To be determined by property on how income is handled.

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Step 2. Please complete the following online application form.

Apartment Application >

Step 3. Pay fees.

A Reservation Payment of $350.00 is due at time of application. A Reservation Payment consists of:

• Application Fee: $50 per lease signer

• Reservation Fee: $300 per household

Other Fees

• Pet Fee: $300 per pet (non-refundable)

• Pet Rent: $15 monthly per pet

• Pet DNA Registration: $50 per pet

• Small Storage: $25 per month

• Large Storage: $50 per month

• Garage: $100 per month

• Satellite: $300 deposit & $25,000 renter's insurance (if applicable)